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2018 MTM Contractors RDGC Club Championships Draw

by admin

Hi All Roxby Downs Golf Club Members,

Welcome to the week of our Club Championships for 2018. What a weekend it’s going to be, with the forecast predicting both Saturday and Sunday being great days around 20 degrees, with winds between 10 to 15km/h over the weekend. What fabulous conditions for golf. You will all be glad to hear that Glen has put in some hard yards over the week, to ensure that pin placements are right for both Saturday and Sunday and although they may be testing at times they won’t be in impossible positions.

As a golf club we are always looking to evolve and progress forward with our members and players so there have been some minor changes to this year’s competition, in which some you may have already noticed. I’m proud to announce that there will be over 45 entrants for our Club Championships this year, and there will be some exciting contest within each grade. Firstly I would like to congratulate the ladies on the extension of their Club Championship over the 2 days (36 holes.) It’ll be a challenge for all but I’m excited to see the results come Sunday evening. The second change I would like to announce is the grade groupings. With many of our members improving their games and handicaps, there had to be some decision made on grade groupings. It took some deliberation between the Match Committee, but it has been decided to change the Men’s grade groupings, due to an imbalance of players within the current group rankings.

The new men grade rankings will be as follows:

Men’s A Grade, 0 – 13

Men’s B Grade, 14 – 21

Men’s C Grade, 22 – 36

These new rankings will even the draw out much more over the 2 day event. Even though the group rankings have changed slightly there will be no change to the overall Roxby Downs Golf Club Champion, whom will be the player with the least amount of strokes, no matter what grade they tee off in.

Before the weekend starts I would like to thank everyone behind the scenes that is helping to get everything together for the weekend. Weather it’s helping on the mower, cleaning up the course and club rooms, stacking the fridge or helping prepare food, these events don’t come together without the support of our volunteers. I look forward to seeing you all out and about on the course this weekend and am sure we will be in for some great contests and potentially even a playoff or two Sunday afternoon.

Yours Sincerely, Michael Paul – RDGC Co-Captain


2018 RDGC Club Championships

by admin

Upcoming Club Championships Info

36 Holes – Both Men’s and Ladies

Saturday (01/09/2018) & Sunday (02/09/2018)

18 Holes – Juniors either Saturday or Sunday

Saturday Tee times – Both early and late due to local grand final

(Please advise preference when nominating)

Sunday tee times – TBA after Saturdays round

A nomination sheet is also posted on the noticeboard.

Please advise how many will be attending dinner on Sunday night.

Or click below to email Michael and Glen.

Nominate via Email